NWN’s Malabog Castle is not a great place to vacation


Neverwinter may have only been actually, really released a couple of weeks ago, but there’s already an expansion on the way. Revealed in late June, Fury of the Feywild is a big chunk of content that includes a new region, new campaign areas, new enemies, new loot, and new everything else one would expect.

In today’s Neverwinter dev blog, Cryptic outlined one of Fury of the Feywild’s key new additions: an all-new dungeon known as Malabog Castle. The castle is home to a corrupt king who seized control with the aid of a blue dragon, and it is from this dark throne that he seeks to rule all of Sharandar. Players brave enough to enter the dungeon will face a menacing Cyclops and the dark King Malabog himself.

This game needs more classes. The current lineup does nothing for me and I feel like if they had released with at least a few more classes they could have appealed to a wider audience.