NWN adds ghost and angel-snake companions


Hold on tight to your wallets, kids, because Cryptic’s knocking on your door with a couple of new companion offerings for Neverwinter. The studio is releasing the Ghost and Lillend companions, although snagging one is going to require coughing up some cash (or playing the ZEN market smartly).

The Ghost is a former Halfling who’s fallen on hard times. She deals necrotic damage and has a neat ability that tosses a DoT onto an enemy while healing allies simultaneously. Lillend is… well, she’s interesting. She looks like the cross between a snake and an angel, and as if that didn’t give her enough fodder for dinner conversation, she can play the harp. Lillend is the game’s first purple-quality healer companion.

While you can buy the Ghost with ZEN, it looks as though Lillend is obtained only as a chance reward for purchasing a professions pack.

Neverwinter? You have to be a glutton for ‘chronic punishment’ to ensure what goes on with that game. I don’t see how you can ‘dip into’ that game like SWTOR either, except maybe for the Foundry stories.