Neverwinter: The Fury Opinion About The New Lands Feywild

What do you wanna see from this expension?
A new class called the “Archer”. This archer class will be a range class with bow and arrow. If this class will have other weapons (That i cannot answer). Because they use arrows, there might be different kinds of arrows. For example: fire arrow, ice arrow, normal pointed arrow, poison arrow, etc… (This might be an ability).

Neverwinter Fury of the Feywild

Some personal houses, for example a guild hall. But at this moment the things a guild has is his/her personal guild stuff and a guild vault. Also in the Gauntlgrym, I excaly want that leader of the party queue up and the rest of party members do not need to accept. The trickster class should be nerfed. Because at this point they aren’t quite balanced with the other classes.

The original game had only one paragon path, so I do hope there will be a new paragon path for atleast every class. So we can choice which path we take. Also the release of the directx 11. In the orginal it was in still in beta and was ofcourse buggy. Because there will be a forest. I hope some astral monsters flying around. Like mini fairy’s or something else. New items to buy at the glory merchant.