Neverwinter Summer Festival invites players

Summer is winding down, we are fast approaching autumn. But “there is a little bit of Neverwinter slightly unorthodox summer fun players in the new summer music festival, an event in the game, and today formally launched to run until September 18, rather than allowing the player to travel long distances on swimsuits and access to beaches, activities require players to participate in a variety of tasks and recreational enjoyment of the season coming to an end of the day, most of which focus on collecting loose animals and fighting trolls like standard maintenance.
When I think of summer, I think of farming.
Fighting trolls standard maintenance of the world, including the trolls and honest.

Then you get your trouble? Cosmetics awards, including new weapons and armor, have a proper summer theme of the array. You can also earn an armored horse and a boar pig companion, if you really want to go hog wild. Starting today, players can enjoy the content on the site server, and therefore encourages anyone who needs a respite more serious fantasy fare login and accumulate some pigs.