One shot: Shield up!

Readers Mary was in a tight spot. It all rests in her shoulder, and if she dies, she will be responsible for, so that her entire team. This day’s fate – not only that, the future depends on her quick thinking and reflexes.
Neverwinter: Fury of the Feywild
“I shield!” She triumphantly cry. “I juuuust managed to get my shield up to deflect a dying Spookat timely final attack at the same time, emerging black guitar astronomical distraction in the upper left to see because it is the first time, we found in the spiral Knight one is the now infamous black guitar case. ”

Give me a break, give me a break, I broke one, Black Kat bar! Folks, do not get any pun less, so hold your nose and jump from here to the rest of the players this week screenshot.

Reader Mark sent us another batch of glorious Star Trek Online screenshots. I chose this one because I love how light from a pile of imminent closure of the planet. Space: Visual border. These are the voyages USS you’ve skipped ahead to see pictures. Five-year mission: to remake the film is superior or inferior to the classic film is a pointless argument.

So are you ready for your screenshot challenge of the week? This is a photo safari! Cutest, most interesting and noteworthy animal in the game world and wing our way to take pictures.