Neverwinter profound Reflections – pet dragon

Have you ever wondered how awesome it would have a pet dragon? Understand it or not, it would be a great idea, our second Neverwinter Exclusive: Deep Thoughts videos.
We have been playing a lot of “Neverwinter heck because the game was launched earlier this summer, which is easily one of the best online games launched this year, you have to admit, it certainly raises the bar when it comes to the free play of market.

When you spend any given setting a considerable amount of time, you start asking your character’s place in the world on a deeper problem, which is very natural. In our second video exclusive deep Reflections “Neverwinter over Cryptic Studios, our friends asked the question, there is no doubt that many of us have thought about or discussed in guild chat at least once in the past few months month: how awesome would have a pet dragon?

Be sure to pay attention will focus on the theme of the line, if you have not done so profound Reflections first video. If you have not played “Neverwinter, do not forget, the game is completely free to download and play, so head over to the official website, where you can register and set up a jump into the game.