Neverwinter background

Bard is still sung with former hero of the epic, but Faerûn was eagerly awaited the birth of a new brave. Luskan and Neverwinter war had passed some years, the time long enough to heal war wounds caused by this piece of land. But the illusion of peace will not last, several powerful city-states began to spread among a wave of intense flavor, which means the Sword Coast is in full teetered on the brink of war. Crisis is quietly spreading to the process of the city. North of the people do not people realize that in the depths of the Dead Ze, a surge forces of darkness across the continent is a legendary evil under the name gradually cohesion. If not hinder it, this force will soon destroy the North.

Even in the deepest night, hope remains eternal. A lone hero left Neverwinter as mysterious artifact, this artifact tremendous secret, who untied it, who can change the fate of the entire North. A legendary story begins, many different forces, divine action, dark conspiracy, will from now on the mainland was later eulogized.