“Neverwinter Nights OL” IGN Review: copy too much cash shop prices high

Foreign media IGN right online game “Neverwinter Nights OL (Neverwinter)” conducted a detailed evaluation, the last game played to 6.8 points, a very general result. Here go and see, IGN evaluate specifically how the game!

IGN Rating:

“Neverwinter Nights OL” IGN Rating: 6.8 Average

“Neverwinter Nights OL” in combat and player-made tasks covered the highlights of the game itself, outdated images.

This work highlights:

+ Player-made missions

+ Class “Diablo” combat system

+ On the Dungeons & Dragons rules, the clever use of content

This made defects:

– Cash shop prices high

– Excessive copy

This game is not a socially active games, focusing on single copies of the underground city, while the NPC is more strengthened partner to join the players for their dependency. When my soldiers rose to 16 when I started to feel like I need some other players to help me continue, because every time I have to use a lot of pull strange potions. But then there are pastors NPC partners to join my team. With her ongoing treatment, in later adventures, I ran into a bunch of monsters are direct, as long as I do not let the monster close to my pastor, I almost invincible. The strange thing is, you can even in the five-man team at full strength in the case, or you can bring your own NPC companions, which in some difficult battle healers make the team is very comfortable, because almost everyone with their own treatment NPC companions into teams.Here to supply Buy rs gold