Long experience of playing Neverwinter

Place in the closed beta is my first excaly online played ” Neverwinter and I was really excited to play this game time . Graphics look good, it has it’s wrong , but let me say this, the game without a single mistake you ? around the world every game there will be a mistake , even if you fix this bug will be another random errors. well, today I just give you some ideas and suggestions recommended By the way, here we can provide you with cheap FFXIV Gil,FFXIV Power leveling

For example, to focus on more statistics ( armor penetration , power and fatal blow )
This way you will get a higher gear ratio
Like two layers a set or two sets of two different sets of layer 2 .
A gear or accessoires should be only five enhancement is not high.
2 gears or accessoires , here , you can have six or seven enhancements .
You might think , the first two are the highest, but it is not true. This is 2.5 . Such as ancient weapons .
You can have 2.5 through crafting ( gloves are the only other part will arrive later in the future ) . Be warned others, you can not produce this part. 7 enhancement is not good enough.
Armor Yangcheng and soul cast is great tanks or casters. 2 seconds , I think it is that they will immuum. But very expensive to buy . So, I say to you start farming epic dungeons .
Weapon enhancements : Vorpol use a lot of highly lethal blow. Is very expensive, but very useful.
Check the daily auction house. Why ? Sometimes really cheap price .
Search active guild. Even though I am looking for active members to do more in the castle will never run .