Neverwinter gets ready a snazzy new trailer

Neverwinter gets ready for beta with a snazzy new trailer

Neverwinter’s first beta weekend is almost upon us! From February 8th to the 10th, North American and European players will have their first chance to sink their claws into the game. Players who purchased the Founder’s Pack or Guardian of Neverwinter Founder’s Pack will have guaranteed access to all three beta weekends; the rest of you peons can take your chances by signing up the old fashioned way.

If you find yourself in the beta, you’ll be able to play as a Trickster Rogue, Devoted Cleric, or a Guardian Fighter and have access to content up to level 30. Don’t forget to take your companion and mount quests at levels 16 and 20, respectively.

You can kill the time until the beta’s start by watching the game’s new CG trailer. A (conveniently well-balanced) team of hardy heroes faces off against a dragon and an undead horde. Will they make it? You’ll have to skip below the cut to find out.