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Make sure you always save one divine pip for astral shield, you can use this skill when you see people not getting out of red circles or when you know that area of effect damage is in coming, it can also be used for general blanket coverage if your groups gear is a little sub-par keeping this skill up for a great deal of time can result in a large amount of mob damage being reduced.

Bastion of health is great to use with linked spirit, but keep in mind Try and target as many people as possible when using bastion of health to get as much value as possible from using this skill. With divine fortune you will be gaining 33% divine power from using bastion of health and 10% divine power from using healing word  , this in conjunction with sacred flame should generate enough divine power for you to use skills as you need them.

Try marking all non-minion based targets with astral shield and then proceed to use sacred flame, this should cover most splash damage due to repurpose soul, keep in mind that having healing word on your tank is fairly important also.

Some skills can be switched out such as bastion of health for forgemasters but if you do, do this linked spirits value will drop greatly along with divine fortunes. You can also swap out healer’s lore for foresight but it has been my experience that the 20% healing increase out weights 11% damage reduction across the entire dungeon, however if your groups general gear is poor and they cannot cope with the damage in the first place, it may be more benefiting for you to take foresight and benefit of foresight over healer’s lore and mark of healing.