One fun and exciting avenue for creating your own items


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In Neverwinter, your gear and items play an important role in your character’s development and effectiveness in combat.While there are several ways to attain new and more powerful equipment as you adventure through the world, including drops off of monsters, dungeon rewards, and hot deals on the auction house, one fun and exciting avenue for creating your own items is through professions.


Learning to craft in Neverwinter is an easy task, beginning at level 10, you’ll be able to choose a task from  crafting professions, hiring your first assets – Leadership Mercenaries, Platesmithing Miners, Mailsmithing Prospectors, Leatherworking Skinners, and Tailoring Weavers. These tasks will take time .As you complete tasks, you’ll gain experience points for your professions , along with profession resources and exciting rewards, such as Healing Potions , Enchantments, Leather Boots and Neverwinter Astral Diamonds and more!


If you’re tight on backpack space, not to worry: your inventory has dedicated spaces for your professions’ assets and resources, which can all be sorted with the click of a button. Additionally, your assets will continue to work on your profession tasks while you’re adventuring, and you can tinker with your professions on the Neverwinter Gateway website when you’re outside of the game client. With professions in Neverwinter, you can always have something in the works!


Want your tasks to move more quickly? No problem! You can spend astral diamonds to speed up tasks, and you can also obtain high quality assets and resources from randomly assorted packs on the Zen Market. Additionally, vendors will be available to sell you assets and resources, and you’ll be able to obtain resources from skill nodes, gathering tasks, and monster drops as well.