How to get enough Never Winter Astral Diamond

Never winter astral diamond as the main currency to purchase items and upgrate equopment in the Never Winter.While it is still possible to make it through the online world without Astral Diamond,you are ultimately going to find it is rather difficult to do so,especially as your armor and weapons are no match for the enemies you face.This is why you need to know the different methods for obtaining astral diamond and how you can better prepare yourself for the quest on hand.

Earn the astral diamond
The first way you can obtain astral diamond in the Never Winter is by simply earning AD.You are going to obtain AD through quest you complete,leveling up and scavenging items throughout the game.Granted,this only gives you a small amount of AD and it might take a bit longer to purchase that battle axe you’ve had your eye on for some time,but it is the least expensive way to go about earning gold.It is also possible to pick up items that you simply do not need, such as that second broad sword or spells you have far too many of.With these items,you can sell to venders throughout the game for AD.That is why it is so important to pick up everything you can, especially towards the beginning of the game .When just starting off,even if the item is not worth very much(such as a plate,silverware or other material,you need to just pick it up and sell it off to the nearest vendor to at least start building your AD stockpile.)

Sell to others
As you become more advanced in the game,you are able to craft together weapons that other individuals are going to want.When you have done so ,you are able to sell the weapon,spells and other material to individuals in the online game.Here,you can make a good amount of AD.You do have to level up to be advanced enough in order to craft a desirable weapon,but once you have,the AD should start flowing in.

Buy it
If you are willing to buy Never Winter Astral Diamond,you have an option.There are dozens of out-of-game marketplaces offerings that sell AD in ZEN for actual money such as can end up costing you hundreds of dollars(if not more),but if you don’t mind shelling out the cash,this is a good way to quickly expand your Astral Diamond stockpile.