Escape the endless WOW power leveling desert

This new Warlords of Draenor trailer,we knew level 90 boosts were coming. Blizzard’s pushing the boosts as a reason to buy. You can escape the endless WOW power leveling desert and finally play with your friends by buying Warlords — which is all well and good, but it does strike us as a bit odd that Blizzard is promoting the game by suggesting that playing the game up to level 90 is something tedious and awful that you would not want to do.

The obvious highlight of this trailer is gnomes making their cinematic debut. Finally, we see a gnome taking center-stage… as a level 61 wandering aimlessly through Tanaris. (That’s why you haven’t hit level 90 yet, Mr. Gnome — you’re in Tanaris. Maybe if you’d gone through Un’Goro and Silithus and then headed to the Dark Portal you’d have made some progress.) But now that this gnome is finally level 90, we can only assume that we’ll be seeing more gnomes showing up in future, right Blizzard?

I hate to see gnomes cry, but I’m sure tears will flow when his jerkwad friends inform the gnome that there’s no way he’ll be tanking their Raid Party in that crappy insta-90 gear that he’s wearing.