To earn FIFA coins when Happy Hours

FIFA 15 coins

Without FIFA 15 coins you can’t build a good squad.And trading is the best way to get rich on FIFA 15 Ultimate Team. Then,which factors has the most important influence on trading?As we’re going to see there are many factors which may contribute for price variation, but few or none are as effective as Happy Hours. They hit the market’s balance by disrupting the natural relation between supply and demand. Thousands of players will buy packs, increasing not only the coin circulation but also the card circulation on the market.

The effect of this alteration is about an immediate price fall. Prices will be maintained low while the Happy Hour is going on and as it ends the market quickly absorbs the additional cards, making their prices go back to what they were before. Or almost. Actually, the prices are affected during and after the Happy Hour. This variation between the price that was supposed to be if a Happy Hour never happened and the price that effectively shows up after one normally goes from 3 to 5% of the card’s value.

As the years go by, EA does more and more Happy Hours. At this point people only get interested in 35k, 50k and 100k Happy Hour
packs. The bigger the packs, the more prices will fall.

Let’s take a look at a practical case in order to realise what happens. Let’s get Koscielny as an example (it could be any other player),
during the second and third weeks of November, period while seven different Happy Hours happened as you can see here. Such frequency of pack openings justifies why his price on the 20th was a lot lower than what it was on 7th of November. The most significant price decreases are noticed on 9/10 and 16/17, precisely when the 35k and 50k Happy Hour packs are released. The others were 25k and 15k Happy Hour packs. Notice how after the Happy Hours end the price is inferior to what it would be if a Happy Hour never happened while the natural tendency for it would be to stay the same. If on this image everything seems quite obvious to you, imagine 100 different ones, that’s what we did.

Happy Hours aren’t announced with antecedence for what the market can’t really react with such.