The Problems of FIFA 15 Rockstar Services

It’s reported that gamers saying Rockstar services are unavailable, the games on Xbox Live and PSN struggle on decline. It’s not clear exactly what result in it and how to resolve it, but FIFA 15 has a lot of online problems at this time as well.30

The major issues with FIFA 15 and FUT are clear to see on Twitter, as well as status update websites like Down Today. The latter service has thousands of comments being left this month, and hundreds in the last 24 hours reporting problems with FUT.

Since we started writing this article, another 50 plus reports were left about the FIFA 15 server status on Down Today. Gamers say FUT is down in Germany, The UK, USA, and many other European countries.

Do you see FIFA 15 servers down once again today? Let us know the platform you are playing on and any error codes you see right now.

To GTA 5 problems, official statements from Rockstar haven’t appeared, and only the support channel keep directing players to a status update page, which says nothing isn’t online, when it clearly isn’t.