Japan football aim at World Cup championship

The Asian Cup is about to begin in 2015, if you have any predict about the championship? A few Japanese star said keisuke Honda Japan the next goal, is to win the Asian and world champion. Keisuke Honda detailed said: “Japan football not too profound history, but in the past 25 years, Japan’s football development speed is quite fast. Now can we have a very large space to improve, we will not just content to do well in the Asian cup goal, we need to prepare for the next World Cup.”

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In order to achieve a goal, more and more Japanese players need to make to the European league development, need to have good learning cognitive tactics and technology. In my opinion, the goal we are not far away. We will maximize the respect of our rivals South Korea and Australia, but after the win the Asian championship, our goal should be to win the world championship.”

When it comes to current club AC milan are, Honda said: “to join AC milan is I always dream, dream come true feeling is very good. But I wouldn’t just content to play for AC milan, I will do my best to help milan to get better grades, for both the team and individuals shall have the help to me.”

Since the start of the new season, keisuke Honda’s performance is pretty good, milan scored six goals in 16 games in serie a before assists in 3 times. Honda said: “I believe in yourself is not difficult to into Italian football culture, Italian football is very are ornamental, I like here. I lived in Europe for 7 years, I learned a lot, I grew up here. Both goals and assists, I prefer the feel of course goal would be more wonderful. However, the performance of the individual is only on the one hand, I care more about the team win.”