Atletico Madrid 0-1 Bayer Leverkusen

2014-15 Champions League 1/8 final first leg, La Liga Atletico guest tyrannical challenge BayArena Leverkusen Bundesliga giants. Spahic shot in the first half of the crossbar, both teams goalless draw 0-0. Torres came off the bench in the second half, Leverkusen Charles broke sweat Oulu, Tiago red, Atletico Madrid 0-1 Bayer Leverkusen.

Michael Ballack and Bayern Heynckes appeared in the arena watching. The first 13 minutes Leverkusen won the corner kick, Spahic chip the shot spared from war, Moya failed to hit the ball, make critical Mandzukic door line siege. The first 22 minutes, without the ball is under Tiago del Mitch brought down, the referee booked Atletico midfielder. The first 25 minutes, shot at 28 meters Spahic Moya crossed fingers off, unfortunately hit the crossbar pop. The first 31 minutes, Simone and Schmidt quarrel on the sidelines.

The first 35 minutes, Papadopoulos kicked Mandzukic received a yellow card, Leverkusen multiplayer siege Mandzukic, the scene was hot. The first 38 minutes, Siqueira injured and was replaced Gamez. The first 42 minutes, Bellarabi and Spahic attack Mandzukic, Bellarabi kicking down Atletico center. The first 43 minutes, Raul – Saul Garcia replaced the injured. The first 45 minutes, Bellarabi breakthrough, Juanfran restricted right side to make precise tackles, Leverkusen consecutive pass in the corner are free. The first three minutes of the first half injury time, Tiago spared from the right foot volley hit the door, Leno saved the ball.d

Easy side battles the second half, Leverkusen broke the deadlock in the 57th minute, dribbling out of the way than the transverse Bellarabi defense, then the ball to Charles Khan Oulu, which restricted the right rib 12 meters right foot shot to break, Leverkusen 1-0 lead! Wendell wing foul penalty yellow card.

The first 69 minutes, Leverkusen Rolfes replaced by Bender. Leverkusen hit back on 75 minutes, Del Mickey low shot into the restricted area is not marked strength, Moya ball confiscated. The first 76 minutes, Gerry Postman out of the left corner, Wendell siege kick defect, after Torres points less than one meter leaned ball into the top of the door, but the referee finds that the ball has been the bottom line, the goal is invalid. The first 90 minutes and then the two sides disagree, Torres pushing Son Heung-Min, Kiessling and Godin also involved in the conflict, both Torres and Kiessling was booked.

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