FUT 15’s Special Numbers May Play a Role

How many goals does the average FUT match contain? What is the average number of red and yellow cards? Does possession matter? How often does the guy with the most shots on goal win?

Although EA’s stat pages for FIFA 15 doesn’t work at the moment, a lot of data for FIFA 14 is accessible, meaning that we are able to deliver some of the answers based on that. If you want to compare yourself to the data below, this website is where you need to go.

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The numbers

What’s the average number of goals in a FUT match? The answer to that is 5.5 goals. With regards to this aspect, FUT is far from realistic, unless you compare it to the final rounds of the Super Ligue Mana (Tahiti) with a staggering 5.86 or the Andorra 2nd Division with 4.96 goals per match. Among the the five big leagues, the Bundesliga with 2.82 goals per match is the most ‘entertaining’.

As mentioned in one of my previous articles, the goal frequency in FUT is the key reason why last minute goals are as frequent as they are. At 5.5 goals per match and perhaps 15 % of the effective playing time taking place while the clock is stopped at 45:00 or 90:00, such goals are an inevitable part of the game. On top of that, less measureable factors like fatigue, nerves, loss of concentration and tactical changes server to increase the chances of something as utterly frustrating as this taking place:

What constitutes an above average player?

Quite obviously, you are winning more than 5 out of 10 games, but you are also scoring more than 2.5 goals per match on average. In the bar chart below, I have illustrated this by putting in the percentage of players who fall into each scoring interval. If you are below 1 goal or above 3.5 you are of a rare kind. In fact, 75 % of all FUT-players score between 1.5 and 3 goals per match.


How is the FUT population put together in terms of win rate?

In the sample, 20 % of the players won <= 3 in 10 matches, whereas 26 % lost <= 3 in 10. In rough numbers, you are belonging to the mid 50 % if you are winning between 4 and 6 out of 10 matches.


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