Incredible FIFA 15 Ultimate Team of the Week Celebrates

A new Team of the Week pack be got by FIFA 15 for the Ultimate Team mode, and game fans who want to improve their own starting eleven will try to use players who has been dominating for Barcelona, like Luis Suarez, David Luiz and Samuel Rondon.

a new Team of the Week pack

All the included footballers have performed very well for their club teams during the previous week. The attacking line of the new team is made up of Rondon, Ruben Castro and Luis Suarez. And the Team of the Week for Ultimate Team is introducing Ayew, Vitolo, Meyer and Mierzejesky in midfield. Besides, Perrin and David Luiz make up defensive line, three solid choices to stop almost any attack. EA Sports is saying that the goalkeeper for the team is Iraizoz.

All the newly introduced versions of players will be subject to the new Price Range mechanic which has been added to FIFA 15 earlier in the week.

FIFA 15 recently received a fourth title update. The development team at EA Sports has recently introduced the fourth full patch for FIFA 15, which was designed to add two new teams from the Major League Soccer competition and to improve the overall stability of the title.

The company has not made any sort of big changes to the core game engine, which will be a disappointment for a big part of the community, as many were expecting the studio to tweak some of the mechanics.

It’s likely that this is the last major patch for FIFA 15 and that EA Sports will only deploy smaller fixes if any big problem with the football simulation appears in the coming months.

After an extensive downtime, the team has also implemented a new Price Range concept on all platforms, which means that any sort of content listed for sale on the transfer market now has a minimum and maximum potential payment associated with it, determined by the company based on a number of factors.

It’s said that EA has imposed the limitation, which makes it easier to enter some of the player in Ultimate Team, and Lionel Messi included. Meanwhile, the new is welcoming views on how the new idea can be improved.