The Most Impossible Shortlist Upgrades in FIFA 15

When a player is upgraded, the cards that start appearing in packs have got the new ratings and attributes according to their performances on the pitch in real life. This is different to what happens with the NIF cards, the IF cards released before the upgrades will be upgraded in the same way as those (but automatically) except if there’s already been a category change within the UP card attribution. To understand better how these cards work, please read our guide about Ultimate Team upgrades.

In order to keep things simple, we will analyse only gold players and the best silver players with decent chances.



Position: ST
League: Serie A
Club: Juventus
IF: 86 / 87
Prediction: 85 -> 86

Can you imagine how good a new card of Tévez could be ? Even with two IF cards, it is not guaranteed that he will be upgraded because he already has a high rating.

Position: CM
League: Serie A
Club: Juventus
IF: 84 / 85
Prediction: 83 -> 85

Pogba is not a promise any more. He will be one of the best players in the world, for sure. If he doesn’t get an upgrade now, he will get it in the Summer.

Position: RW
League: Barclays PL
Club: Arsenal
IF: 85 / 86
Prediction: 84 -> 86

Every year, one popular BPL player gets a good upgrade. It is like a rule. Two years ago it was Bale, last year it was Hazard and this year Sánchez is the favourite for this spot.

Position: LW
League: League BBVA
Club: Atlético de Madrid
IF: 83 / 84
Prediction: 82 -> 84

The young French star scores more than one goal for every two matches and has been important in the Spanish champions campaign. If he gets an upgrade, his position may be changed.

Position: LM
League: Bundesliga
Club: VfL Wolfsburg
IF: 80 / 81
Prediction: 78 -> 79

Perisic is more and more important to his team. Will his top performances this season be enough to get an upgrade ?

Position: CAM
League: Barclays PL
Club: Swansea
IF: 79
Prediction: 77 -> 78

In the communities opinion, this is one of the players more underrated. The way he is playing is a good way to prove it.

Position: ST
League: Barclays PL
Club: Chelsea
IF: 86 / 87
Prediction: 85 -> 86

In each three goals of the Barclays PL leader, one is scored by this striker. He seems to have a slight advantage over Sergio Aguero, another player with hot feet.


Position: LW
League: League BBVA
Club: Real Madrid
IF: 93 / 94 / (99)
Prediction: 92 -> 93

It is an unlikely upgrade but, if EA were coherent, they would have to do it. The only reason why the current best player in the world isn’t as well rated as Messi is because he is not on the cover of the game.

Remember that these are only predictions. They are based in solid elements but this is not a final list. You probably agree with a few ones and disagree with another ones. Share with us who do you think should be improved in the FIFA 15 Coins PS4 Winter upgrades.