We were really disappointed at the EA FIFA 15


FIFA 15 Ultimate Team is a massively popular app on the Android and iOS platforms and a big part of the EA Sports portfolio. However, we’ve been documenting problems with the app for several months now, and every time an update appears we are hoping for fixes. It’s clear to us that FIFA 15 Coins PS4 UT user frustration over these issues is growing, and it’s pretty shocking that a company the size of EA Sports hasn’t managed to smooth out all the glitches with the game so far.

Despite the many problems that are reported with the Ultimate Team app we should say that many gamers who haven’t encountered difficulties (mostly connection and crashing issues) have nothing but praise for it. However our comments and email inboxes are still bulging with complaints about the app from readers who are wondering when EA will sort the app out once and for all. In mid-January we reported on the latest FIFA 15 Ultimate Team update on the App Store and Google Play Store, and very quickly it became apparent that many users were still having problems or facing new issues.

Now over three weeks later the annoyance among users is intensifying but EA still doesn’t seem to be listening. There are plenty of comments by users on the app descriptions venting their frustration, and who can blame them! For example on Google Play one user commented a few days ago, “Connection to server sucks. Have to relaunch the game multiple times to connect it to the server. Give option of offline gameplay as was in fifa 14. Games of the week can be played only once per match which sucks. Also, replays can only be watched for goals and nothing else, which sucks as replay functionality was there for any point in the game in fifa 14.”

We’re taking into account that there a vast amounts of FIFA 15 Ultimate Team players who are not having problems, but there are evidently plenty of users who are really having trouble with the app and they should not be ignored. A new more thorough update is required to resolve these issues once and for all, but whether EA is listening is anyone’s guess. We’d like to hear from readers about this.