The UK FIFA 15 Championship

The most remarkable eight players in Britain compete for a place in the global finals, if you want to see just how good they are like me, let’s go along to to Stamford Bridge.

global finals

Are you good at FIFA 15? You might be able to wallop your mates on the PlayStation in your living room. You might even be able to hammer some of the random kids you play against online. But we can safely say you wouldn’t stand a chance against the eight guys we met at the UK qualifiers for the FIFA Interactive World Cup.

These eight lads can genuinely claim to be the best in Britain at everyone’s favourite football game – and having seen them show off their FIFA skills, we can confirm they play it very differently to the rest of us.

We went along to the tournament, held at Stamford Bridge, to talk to these gaming superstars about rivalries, special skills and how it feels to earn thousands of pounds from simply playing FIFA. I am convinced that FIFA 15 World Cup Worth your attention, and there are the most excellent players and the coolest action. Of course, you could share the new action by leaving a comment.