EA Update New FIFA 15 Price Range

After the big FIFA 15 update which added price ranges into the game, a lot of discussion on this appear, and mainly to complain. But now we can find that EA has just issued a new FIFA 15 price range update affecting players like Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez MOTM.

We spoke about some of the reaction that FIFA 15 players in the UK had made on social media this week, with many players hurling insults at EA over what they perceive to be a bad decision made by the developer. Meanwhile, EA had promised to make FIFA 15 FUT Price range adjustments to certain players and now we can see that the first changes have been put into affect as of now.

If you head to this Google Doc, you can see a full list of players who have had their price range adjusted in the game. They include Lionel Messi’s 94 overall in-form card which now has a min price of 6,000,000 but a maximum price of 9,100,000 on the FUT transfer market.23

However, the most surprising change in the update is Luiz Suarez’s MOTM 90 card which now has a min price of 9,600,000 and a maximum price of 14,400,000. While this is bad news for FIFA 15 coin sellers and other players who love to use exploits, it is also bad for those playing legitimately who may feel that now they never have a good chance of getting in-form players and other rare cards.

On the plus hand, you can now get great players through the coins. It’s not bad at all, right? For example, you can get Marco Reus for a minimum of 65,000 coins, and pick up Arsenal FC star Alexis Sanchez who has a min of 65,000 as well and a max of 100,000. Generally, is this a good act or a bad one by EA?