The Compensation For 2022 World Cup Be Paid By FIFA

FIFA’s executive committee meeting released the time that 2022 World Cup held, and different from previous years, the 2022 World Cup held in winter. As you can expect, committee ruling will ignite another round of debate about the Qatar damages. They think the loss that European¬†clubs in the premiership and the club fixtures affected should get damages.

2022 World Cup

In addition, in order to reduce the negative impact for the Europa league, the 2022 World Cup match schedules may be scaled down. FIFA President sepp blatter has said that the game won’t continue to December 18, in order to avoid affect the premiership intensive Christmas fixtures. However, still hope to get huge damages, bigger clubs across Europe to make up for the World Cup for the effects of their league.

Bayern Munich chairman karl-heinz rummenigge, chairman of the European club association, said the winter World Cup will affect the global each big league, for the league to a halt. Added: “the club and the league can’t afford to reschedule loss of time to produce. We hope the club can finally decided to damage compensation.”
Although Blatter think that they shouldn’t give any compensation, FIFA paid total of $70 million to about 400 club about compensation, and most of them are in Europe. According to the forecast, the compensation will probably get enhanced by 2022.