Albion Have New Biomes: Steppes, Swamps And Mountains

As know, Albion online new added two huge new worlds to explore, called The Outlands as well as The Royal Islands, however, those areas will aslo have new biomes, which includes steppes, swamps and mountains, the developers have also added Artifact items to help keep gamers competitive while they roam the lands seeking glory and riches. More and more gamers are paying much attention to the best albion online gold from


Albion Online has more in common with Eve Online than World of Warcraft. So if a gamers wants the best sword in the game she will need to find the best blacksmith in the world to buy it from. If a player wants to mine for ore and transport it across the lands, they are free to do so, but they will face off against player bandits and opposing guilds. More Albion Online update full details, recommend you visit official website:

Albion Onlineā€™s cross-platform development has presented a lot of challenges to the team, though it has also brought some surprising advantages. Developing for both PCs and tablets has resulted in a heavy focus on optimization, for example, from which all versions have benefited. Gamers can not help buying cheap albion online gold from

The world of the game has changed most of all: map, location of islands, biomes and even city stylistics. The diversity of biomes increased significantly, which pleasantly affected the uniqueness of each individual location and diversity. Even territories that belong to one of the indigenous fractions of Albion are added: Adepts of Morgan, Undead, Guardians, etc. – all these special thematic PvE-zones, where you can not only hunt in a group, but even collect a raid on bosses, which in this location at least two, daily and weekly.