Mu Legend: A New Infographic Stats Was Revealed

A new infographic stats was revealed by Webzen, the stats main is from the first global Closed Beta of Mu Legend. According to the infographic, players spent 154 years worth of time in-game. Players collectively leveled up 3,308,278 times, but only 7% of all players reached max level. One player managed to reach 230,432 Combat Power before the test ended. A total of 1,864,710 deaths were recorded. Gamers focus on buy Mu Legend Zen at U4GM.


Webzen also respond to some problems that gamers put forth, the length of the testing period, Webzen’s Facebook stressed that they deem it’s better to take time than rush, The first closed beta was only starting 5 months ago. Indeed, the second closed beta test for MU Online’s sequel, MU Legend, revved up today. Mu Legend Zen is no doubt precious items in-game.

Even if the game’s global version, there still isn’t a confirmed start date, but in the coming weeks, Webzen is promising an announcemnet of a schedule, in accordance to the announcemnet from publisher Webzen, MU Legend is currently being localized for English, German, French, Polish, Spanish and Brazilian-Portuguese players.

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