NWN test shard gets new zone and more in hefty patch

One of the great things about test servers is a chance to see what’s coming up in your favorite games — that, and hopefully squashing any bugs before going live, of course! And the Preview Shard for Neverwinter got quite a patch with plenty of goodies for players to experience. Want to explore a new zone? There’s Sharandar for the level 60 adventuring crowd. How about upgrading a max-ranked companion? For the cost of some Astral diamonds, you’ve got that, too.

If you prefer to immerse yourself in the Foundry, a whole new suite of assets is coming with the release of Fury of the Feywild, including costumes, encounters, an Elven city interior, maps, objects, and more. The Foundry, however, will be disabled for the first part of the expansion play test.

Other odds and ends of this patch include changing the reset time for daily quests to a standard 6:00 a.m. EDT, new items, and class adjustments along with a fair amount of tweaks and bug fixes. Catch all the details in the full patch notes.

So there’s still no new class, and no new paragon paths for the classes already in the game. PvE dungeons are still fundamentally flawed from the ground up and PWE doesn’t seem to care. But of course, lets make sure we keep cranking out more stupid crap for people to buy in the cash shop. If only they would sell a playable game; I might actually open my wallet for that.