Mu Legend: Combat Power, The Stats And Its Classes

Mu Legend has a core stat, and it’s called Combat Power (CP). Your character’s overall combat prowess depend on its a numeric representation, and was regarded as a derivative DPS value. On top of that, CP is also used when looking for parties and trying to find others who are strong enough to handle the content you’re pursuing. More news and guides about Mu Legend, you can head over to:

The Stats in Mu Legend are fairly standard, Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, Health, Max HP and Max MP. There is also Attack (physical, magic, speed, penetration, etc.) and Defense. The resistances are Physical, Magic, Fire, Cold, Lightning and Nature. There is also Movement Speed and Item Pickup Radius.

Gamers are likely to care about the classes of Mu Legend. Each class has 14 class-specific Skills. This includes 6 weapon skills (3 for 1h weapons and 3 for 2h weapons) and 14 class skills. There are also 9 expert skills (which can be put into 3 unlocked slots) that provide strong passive bonuses and include devastating skill attacks.

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