Get Benefits Of The Founder Packs In Albion Online

The Sandbox Interactive MMORPG will soon be released, and until July 9, you can still get the benefits of the Founder Packs. The beta will also end and mark a new beginning.

As a reminder, all those who obtain the status of Founder will get extra 10% gold advantage when Albion Online will officially release. So here are all the bonuses that will be offered:

  • Veteran Founder Pack will leave with 2200 Gold instead of 2000 Gold.
  • Epic Founder Pack, 4950 Gold instead of 4500 Gold.
  • Legendary Founder Pack, 13200 Gold instead of 12000 Gold.

All Legendary Founders will receive Epic Explorer’s Equipment, an epic avatar, and the silver avatar ring. Note that after July 9, it will no longer be possible to improve your Founder Pack.

July 9 also marks the closing of the servers, which will remain closed until the official release. The exact times for the exit will be communicated in the days to come. In addition, events will be scheduled to celebrate the end of the beta.

The game will be released on July 17th on Android, PC, Mac and Linux. To join the adventure of Albion, go to the our website of the game.