MU Legend Provides A Deeper Immersion Into The Core Mechanics

After several years of development, MU Legend bringing a new milestone in long history to gamers outside of Korea. To celebrate the Open Beta Test globally will be released on September, the developer and publisher revealed new trailer and some news, you can see more at here. Gamers can be allowed to learn more about the world, the classes and the content.

MU Legend

The developer team studied every aspect of the game, the game set the standard, and was hugely advanced for its time, most of gamers stressed that it was the best playing game they’d ever touched. MU Legend created a genre that has shaped the entire course of game. Interested players in sharing their views about the game or saw other gamers’s views, you can go to website.

The gameplay of MU Legend provides a deeper immersion into the core mechanics of the game, featuring a PvE (player vs. monsters) and PvP (player vs. player). Also, with the world-wide expeditions, not only is there a major story to follow, but players can also progress in a non-linear fashion. There will be numerous side missions to complete throughout the continent.

Why MU Legend is it different? MU Legend is the sequel prequel to the original and one of the longest-running massively multiplayer online role-playing game, MU Online. MU Legend was previously known by its project name of MU2. However, MU Legend‘s storyline is a prequel to MU Online by a few centuries, in the coming months, we will meet the Global Open Beta Test for the game. It’s wise to buy MU Legend Zen & MU Legend Power Leveling from U4GM.