Tips for How to Level Up to 70 in FFXIV Stormblood

Do you want to start or resume FFXIV with Stormblood? We give you some tips to guide you to level 70.

Stormblood the second extension of FFXIV, provide level 70 possibility, 10 more level then Havensward. Many activities offer some interesting experience, it will be easy relatively and make your leveling varied. There are two requirements you need to complete before you prepare to start on Stormblood. The first one you need to reach level 60 and the second you need to complete Heavensward epic.

The first condition may be a simply verification, but if you are later the second one you need to do more work for making up. The last task is named “On the Edge of Destiny” might the list of completed quests of “After the War of the Dragon’s Song”

There are scenario poems , you can buy them from MogStation, it will help your level reach to all Realm Reborn and Heavensward scenarios. The Heavensward potion gives you direct access to Stormblood if you adopt this way.

How to start it?
there are a common problem during leveling the first class between ARR and Heavensward, the lack of quests. But now the problem is not exist. it can even be said that there are many more side quests than necessary. Because there are other side quest then necessary.

Therefore, It will be a good choice to take priority to the main quest: the epic quest. You’ll be limited by the level and it’s ok to stop at that time. You can also participate in the current FTAA or take some side quests if you feel like it. You will reach a new level when you complete the epic request except  level 69.

Along with your new quests, do not forget to make your daily rolls with the mission tool. There are 4 extremely profitable missions during leveling:

1. Mission Challenge : 8-player challenge very fast
2. Epic mission : 8-player epic dungeon, tedious but very profitable
3. The mission Gain of level : the most profitable of all, not to be missed
4. Mission 50 / 60 : Dungeon level 50 to 60, fast and efficient
By doing these 4 missions each day, you will take about a complete level , which is not negligible.

Alternative xp methods
Because every players are different, so everyone has the right to arrange their jobs. But what we need to keep in mind is that once a job is be chose, the epic can’t be repeat. Therefore more then one method is necessary. Let’s take a look at the different possibilities below:

1. Hunting : new hunting contracts are present at the tavern of Kugane and offer a correct amount of experience and easy to obtain on a daily basis.
2. The PvP: He is back and received a lot of love. The lifting of the Great Companies restriction allows tagging quickly and gain a good amount of experience, in case of victory as defeat.
3. The FTAA : a great classic, FTAAs have always been very popular at the beginning of the expansion and the new features of Stormblood make them even more effective when they have the ALEA rating of Experience and Experience Points Bonus.
4. Dungeons : certainly the most profitable condition to have a good group and not have too many expectations to enter.
5. Related quests : they are extremely numerous and can be a good way to earn a few levels in addition to another method.

All these methods can be adopted together to level up faster and and make it varied.
There’s no doubt that Square-Enix provide more freedom to players with the new extension, follow the tips above, you will quickly reach level 70 and can attack Stormblood’s HL content .