How About The PoE Attribute Of Dexterity

Maybe it is past time we talk about rebalancing the attribute: Dexterity. Some players think that Dexterity needs a rebalancing, as it is by far the weakest of the tree stat’s when it comes to their respective bonuses. Why do they think so? The following post is the reason. Of course, having enough path of exile orbs are essential in the game.

Strength gives life. Life = Life. It’s essential on every build that isn’t CI or Lowlife. Strength also gives melee physical damage. Granted this is very specific, however we have the ability to utilize this advantage for spellcasters in the form of Iron Will, and for projectile based characters in the form of Iron Grip.

Path of Exile

Dex give’s evasion rating. Not even flat evasion. The significance of that is huge. It means that if you’re one of the MANY builds that doesn’t use flat evasion rating gear, you essentially get ZERO benefit from this stat bonus. To add insult to injury, even if you are a character who FULLY utilizes evasion, and has it on every piece of gear, the benefit is still trivial compared to the other two stats, which are also far more universally applicable. In fact, if you decide to go Iron reflex’s and convert your evasion into armor, you can’t even benefit from the extra bonuses dex gives to your evasion.

Dex also gives accuracy. But there’s a few problems there. The first one is that accuracy is useless on any spell-based character. Where is the option to convert accuracy to a worthwhile caster stat?

Left side of the tree has access to Resolute Technique. Not only does this remove any need for accuracy what so ever, it even increases the hit cap from 95% to 100%. Meaning even the most accurate of accurate right-siders still don’t quite measure up.

Even in the case of a character with lots of dexterity AND several accuracy % nodes — you’re STILL not reaching great levels of accuracy. Sure you might get to the mid-high 80’s, but that’s far from fantastic. If we want to achieve a good score of 90+ we STILL need several peices of flat accuracy from our gear, which ends up hugely outvaluing the accuracy dexterity gives us anyways, and making the difference between a left-sider as trivial as one extra flat piece of accuracy on gear. Too bad we can’t make up the several hundred flat life they get from strength so simply.

GGG has been working hard to bring us a better gaming experience, if this idea is feasible, I believe they will plan for rebalancing in mind.