Maximizing Profit In PoE Lab Farming

Are you a new player to farm lab in Path of Exile? If your answer is yes, you may don’t know which Rooms to go and so on in order to maximize profit. Before you understand these, it is important for you to have enough path of exile items. I hope the following content will be helpful to you.

In fact, you need to run uber lab, do either full key runs or speed run the lab for enchants and a few keys, sell the stuff you get=profit. For full key runs: Kill argus, do all Guantlets and puzzles etc, get all silver keys (if you want, id say only take if its in your path usually not worth the time), and make sure you don’t kill izaro’s minions and take hidden darkshrines.

Path of Exile

1) do full key runs

2) kill argus

3) activate all izaro phases

4) find both curious lockboxes

5) there are always two lockboxes in every lab, however their location is randomized every time you enter lab additional key from darkshrine random

6) two extra keys from final treasure room random

7) only ever do silver key/silver door if both are along the main path and easily

8) accessible (average loot gained from silver chests is not worth backtracking for)

9) get all darkshines along main path, and in side rooms if in an easy or reliable location. Don’t go on a multi-room sidequest to get 1 darkshrine

10) enchant helms. Ilvl 84 white lion helm or burgeonet. Or uniques such as rats nest, devotos, starjonkas, lightpoacher

Even if all your enchants are terrible, you can get a lot of high level and high quality gems which sell extremely well at the start of the league. If you get high quality gems that don’t sell well turn into GCPs. If you do 100 runs per the endgame challenge you will possibly find a death’s door which is 4 or 5 exalts.

Grab all the dark shrines and treasure keys. Complete the additional Troves if they’re on your way. Get Silver Coins if you see the chests, and use any you DO find. Do not go out of your way to hunt for Silver Keys. Enchant Unique helms, sell Enchants if they’re good. Reroll if not. Try to keep two helms at a minimum to enchant in your stash, three if you’re using Twice Blessed. Good luck to you!