Major Changes Of SR Totems In PoE 3.2

In Path of Exile, there are some changes in PoE 3.2 SR Totems. For example, Hierophant instead of Berserker. Mind over Matter instead of Bloodmagic since Hierophant supports it so well. Tukohamas Fortress is not longer a chase item, Atziris Reflection is and more. Collectors of path of exile orbs may want to learn more about these changes. So, please see below.

Playstyle is the same except for Tier 16+ Bosses. There we swap the RF with Scorching Ray and deal mainly Scorching Ray Totem and Searing Bond damage. Back to Dualcurse, either one on blasphemy (temchains/enfeeble) or both curse on hit. The Skilltree changed a bit, no more pathing down to ironwood. Instead we go more in the Witch direction. A few gems changed related to the changes.

Path of Exile

And there are some minor changes: slimmed some of the Info section, added the beltslot in the gearsetion (somehow deleted it), more colors, new skilltree pics, leveling section prepared for Templar/Hierophant, Its pretty likely that most of it stays the same, but some things can change:

Small skilltree changes. There is nothing announced regarding this, but often we see minor buffs/nerfs to nodes which can change the direction a bit. Another great class release for the build. Occultist? Elementalist? Ascendant? especially those could have potential, but i doubt that they can be overall better for this build. New/Fated/Buffed/Nerfed poe items can go so far that they change the direction of the build or are just desireable uniques. Looking at you fated Windscream!

Essence and shaper/elder items can boost that further with a spelltotem on the boots, more dot dmg in gloves and so on. Overall the playstyle doesnt change much until t15 and for the endgame bosses we Scorching Ray Totem (SR totems felt horrible for clearing maps) the shit out of Bosses. RFT might deal a little bit lower dmg than on the berserker, but the huge totem placementspeed, better coverage and QoL features compensate that. The ability to place 4 SRT + 1 SB anyway.

Soulmantle might be a bit more expensive at the start of the league (Hierophant totems might be very popular as a starter), but a tabula/random other shit does the job as fine in early-mid tier maps.

Finally, good luck to you, we will update the news about Path of Exile in real time, if you don’t want to be left behind in the game just because of lack of orbs, please buy poe currency on U4GM.