Path of exile Abyss League Builds With New Unearth Skill Gems

Unearth Skill Gems Is Fires a projectile that will pierce through enemies to impact the ground at the targeted location, creating a Bone Archer corpse where it lands. In this Post, U4gm Will share Slayer, Berserker, Pathfinder, Scion, Assassin, Templar, Necromancer Build with Unearth Skill Gems.

[Duelist – Slayer] Pwn’s 1m DPS Oni-Goroshi PermaFlicker Slayer

For expensive option, get double poet’s pen with unearth, volatile dead and bodyswap, that’s the fastest leveling setup This Build have ever experienced, and you don’t need any skill tree investment to get to 70 and complete merciless lab.
For more budget option, one of This Build starting chars this league was frost blader, which had somewhat similar tree on the bottom left side, so would imagine going the second fight for survival, frost blades-weapon Elemental-multistrike-chain-added cold-ice bite would be pretty efficient leveling setup with whatever weapon you can find. Bosses could be somewhat tricky due to frost blades being not the best single target damage skill, but other than that; This Build had no problem getting to maps.

The core mechanic for this build is using the new unique sword Oni-Goroshi which ends up having really strong damage and a high crit rate. We want to focus on increasing our crit rate to guarantee “her embrace” is always active. This requires 1 crit every 3 seconds and at 9 attacks a second it has 100% uptime. We combine this with the new jewel Golden Rule and The Red Trail boots to generate frenzy charges every time we hit something.
It’s also important to have at least one piece of gear that adds low fire damage so we can activate “Her Embrace.”
The problem most people run in to is that if you are hitting hard and reflecting bleed to yourself, you will kill yourself nearly instantly. We can quickly mitigate this problem by converting 90% of our physical damage to elemental, making the bleed damage trivial. I’ve done this by picking up the “Winter Spirit” notable and using a Physical to Lightning support gem.

Example Link:



[Marauder – Berserker] Volatile Berserker (Poet’s Pen + Volatile Dead) – 8-9K Life – Incredible DPS – Easy Leveling

Been reading these the last three days while worked on my version of the berserker and my first berserker on Poe. Thanks for sharing! I’m running savagery right now and will probably respect war cry to do my uber. With King Kaom’s on I’m at almost 6k life. I use light poacher with support to spirit burst in maps and switch to a Starkonja’s Head with +5 level to unearth enchant to kill bosses(level 88 mobs what). I’ve been thinking of putting empower with uncover + GMP for my switch that doesn’t use body swap (believe face tanking bosses thanks to Atziris promise and savagery). When I start running reds and elder + guardian reds I’ll post again. My profile is public if you want to see ^_^ got a perfect cyclopean on too and loved it.

There are only a few gems that you must run to make the build to work. There’s a lot of flexibility in what supportive, active skills you want to run in this build, so it’s going to be mainly up to you and your playstyle.

Poet’s Pen:
Unearth – Greater Multiple Projectiles – Power Charge on Critical Strike
Volatile Dead – Elemental Focus – Concentrated Effect

Attack Skill:
(You will want just below 4 APS preferably, aim for that at any level to maximize your triggers per second)
Frenzy – Greater Multiple Projectiles – Life Gain on Hit – Blind/Culling Strike/Chain

(This is what I’m using, feel free to replace Haste with something else if you want)
Haste – Anger – Enlighten(Level 3)

Misc. Gems:
(Socket these wherever)
Summon Flame Golem
Rallying Cry (Only needed if you picked the War Bringer Ascendancy node)
Cast when Damage Taken – Immortal Call – Increased Duration
+ Extremely easy to level.
+ Solidly defensive – 8-9K Life with the option to go for MoM!
+ Cheap to get off the ground – 2x Poet’s Pen is all you need.
+ Can clear any content in the game with relative ease.
+ Good DPS – 1,25M Shaper DPS 1,7M+ achievable.

– Enchant is ridiculously expensive at the moment.
– Can’t use Shield Charge/Whirling Blades/Leap Slam.

Example Link:



[Ranger – Pathfinder] Smoothly cast Volatile Dead! Fast clear speed! Now with Uber Lab video!

I am playing as this build ( well something similar ) I decided to go raider instead and I am using a tabula to cast on channel both volatile and unearth with scorching ray…I find its working quite well. I don’t have the pens yet. The build is excellent, and quite fun IMO

Do you want to play Volatile Dead, but hate the idea of having to cast Desecrate or Unearth first? Want a fast-clearing character that can get through bosses too? And no six-link required?

If this sounds good, try out my build! It¡¯s 3.1-tested up to map tier 16 and level 93. I will be updating my build as I progress through the league, it¡¯s still a little rough around the edges, but I don¡¯t think I¡¯m far off.

This is a softcore-only build. I do NOT recommend it for hardcore. Also, due to the number of travel nodes at the beginning of the tree, you will need to level as freezing pulse or another leveling skill before switching over to Volatile Dead at around Act 3. You can use Poet¡’s Pen, a great build unique, at level 12, so if this is not your first character, you may use them while leveling to significant effect.

+ Fast clearing
+ Smoother skill spam than self-cast Desecrate
+ Tanky
+ Uses Pathfinder ascendancy: movement speed, bonus flask charges, Elemental damage penetration
+ Kills bosses FAST!

– Requires you to use more than one skill in boss fights
– Requires good flask management
– Gearing may be too expensive
– Leveling is slower than other builds without party play or investment in leveling uniques.

Skill gems:
Volatile Dead – Concentrated Effect – Controlled Destruction
Unearth – Greater Multiple Projectiles – Cremation
Frenzy – Power Charge on Critical – Culling Strike – Faster Attacks
Cast When Damage Taken – Immortal Call – Increased Duration – Decoy Totem
Note: the Decoy totem is very useful for bosses that can be taunted. It should be higher level than the CWDT so that you can self-cast it. If you can fit Decoy Totem elsewhere, socket a golem into this series.
Cremation – Controlled Destruction – Concentrated Effect – Greater Multiple Projectiles
Note: If using Kaom’s Heart, this set-up gets dropped.
Unearth – Greater Multiple Projectiles – Spell Totem
Note: As of level 93 I am not using this setup, though I feel that if you are not running Kaom’s Heart and the Volatile Dead +1 helm enchant, this structure may still be necessary.

Example Link:



[Scion] Volatile dead totems

Fun to see someone else try this! It’s still working well for me up to T10 maps at the moment (highest I found so far), Uber Labyrinth was a piece of cake once I finally found the last trial.
It’s a bit difficult to see, but I’m pretty sure that I get more than ten orbs at a time. Corpses are consumed as fast as they are created I think. Also, I’m only putting down one Unearth at the moment because that seems to be enough and there’s a maximum of ten corpses for Unearth anyway (I replaced the added fire damage on unearthing with faster casting).

The idea is simple enough:
– get totems to cast Volatile Dead
– get other Totems to make sure there are corpses to explode using Unearth
– run around and try not to die
The build uses four totems; one extra comes from Soul Mantle and the other one from the Hierophant ascendancy.

Example Link:

[Shadow – Assassin] Volatile Dead Assassin – Budget League Starter – SSF Viable

This Build at a league starter for 3.3 Build Have always been drawn to builds that mostly play themselves – summoner builds, totem builds, etc., relaxing builds where you don’t have to do things like jump into a pack of monsters, or aim. I became fascinated with Volatile Dead the moment they spoiled it and decided I wanted to try a budget league-starting mapping build using it as the core skill.


+ Cheap, zero uniques are required to make this build run, probably sub 10c budget at the start of mapping
+ SSF viable, all the gems needed to make the build run can be bought from vendors by a Shadow
+ Good league starter for above reasons
+ I’m predicting a decent clear speed in maps


– NOT built for endgame bosses by any stretch
– Limited resources, requires corpses to run, may make boss fights extra difficult
– Clearspeed is capped by movement speed of VD orbs, which, not being projectiles, can’t be sped up as far as I can tell

Gem links:

These links are theoretical and will be tampered with as I experiment with this build in 3.3

Five- or six-link
Volatile Dead + Spell Cascade + Elemental Focus + Fire Penetration + Power Charge on Crit + Concentrated Effect
Playtesting will reveal whether we generate power charges well enough to stay at max charges without Power Charge on Crit.

Cast when Damage Taken + Immortal Call + Phase Run + Summon Ice Golem

Unearth + Spell Echo + Greater Multiple Projectiles + Faster Casting
UPDATE: Added this four-link for boss fights, since we had so many sockets unaccounted for, and after all, why not maximize our corpse creation potential? Here are ten more corpses per click. If short on Sockets, Faster Casting may not be necessary here, since Spell Echo is already speeding us up quite a lot. I added Faster Casting because we’re not taking any cast speed passives, and return-per-click is already optimized for our other spells via totems or cascade.

Desecrate + Spell Totem + Faster Casting

Example Link:

[Shadow – Templar] The Poet’s Pen Volatile Dead/Bodyswap – Shaper Down – Inquisitor

Seeing poet pen VD/Body Swap videos is the reason I created a double Poet Pen Templar, and I have to say, the best/quickest/ most fun leveling I have ever had in PoE.

Thanks for the thread. Will defiantly track and let you know when I also have downed Shaper. As of now, I killed all Elder Guardians in T8-9 maps and had trouble with Elder, but that’s because I still have garbage leach, no helm enchant, and level 79

An Update to the Volatile Dead Helmet Enchantment
After tomorrow’s update, the enchantment will only be available from the Eternal Labyrinth, and all existing versions of this charm will be changed so that Volatile Dead can just destroy up to 1 additional corpse, down from 2/3 other bodies.
The guide revolves around The Poet’s Pen along with Unearth and Volatile Dead/Bodyswap.

Example Link:



[Witch – Necromancer] Support Aurabot 13 Auras Elemental DPS Boost 9.1K Es (End Game/Cheap Version Aswell)

The new Abyss jewel can give up to 50 flat es. You should consider dropping void barrier wheel to get extra jewel slots to put them.

The build focus on boosting elemental dmg with Wrath and Anger level 27 on Generosity. It uses Shavronne’s Wrappings, so you don’t have to care about Poe chaos Orb.

1-12 – as -marauder- +witch+ pick anything, like fire traps, cleave, flame totem – basically ANYTHING that deals decent low-level tooltip dmg since we won’t really get any damage nodes early on. At level 8 buy Life Gain On Hit and level it up.

12-18 – grab Your Poet’s Pens and socket one with VD-Onslaught-AddedLightning, or just raw with no links since its still op. In the second wand go for unearth-up. This is where You start Faceroll. At level 12 use Barrage-LMP for triggering, and when You hit 16 switches to the frenzy.

18-38 – Here is where You start to Faceroll even harder. Go for VD-EleFocus-ConcEff and Unearth-LMP-PowerChargeOnCrit as soon as You hit 18, and You are golden. Don’t forget to switch Barrage to Frenzy-LMP-Faster Attacks-LifeGainOnHit (if u have mana issues skip LGOH for now).

38-xxx – Add GMP to Unearth and Frenzy, that’s pretty much it. Continue face rolling.

Example Link:


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