New Neverwinter Profession Coming

Neverwinter officially goes live tomorrow, June 20th. Cryptic Studios has already revealed a number of details about the update that will be added in for the official “launch”. The free to play MMORPG will be receiving the Gauntlgrym update which a new end game PvE and PvP experience and a few (actually a lot) of updates to existing systems and content, but a new Neverwinter profession has also been thrown into the mix.
Neverwinter Profession Featured
That isn’t all that’s in store for gamers though. A new Neverwinter profession will be added in as well. Players will now be able to send their gaggle of assistants out to complete tasks in a new Neverwinter profession called Alchemy.

As you would expect, this new Neverwinter profession will enable players to create various potion types, but other items such as dyes will also be available. This is actually a pretty nice feature since it will make armor colors available that were previously reserved for specific classes. With armor customization and appearance being one of the features I think could use a vast improvement in Neverwinter, this is certainly a bit of a step in the right direction.

Some examples of items you’ll be able to create with the new Neverwinter profession include:

Rare Potions such as Potions of Power, which fill 25% of your action points, and Potions of Stamina, which recover half of your stamina and drop 6,000 healing on you
Special Experimental Potions which could buff you or kill you (drink carefully!)
Dye Packs
Extra healing and buffing potions

Do you have a Neverwinter profession already capped, maybe multiple professions? Will you now be sending out your NPC friends to take advantage of this new Neverwinter profession?