Neverwinter Auction House Woes Continue

It seems that the team at Cryptic Studios is continuing to have issues with the Neverwinter Auction House. While details are a bit sketchy right now as to exactly what the issue is in the Open Beta of the MMORPG, there are already plans of action scheduled and a few questions have been addressed.
Neverwinter Auction House Featured
While we do not yet know if the Neverwinter Auction House has fallen victim to another exploit or if it is simply an unintended behavior that is causing problems, Cryptic Studios has taken the Neverwinter Auction House offline and plans to keep it that way for quite some time. Another maintenance is planned for Midnight tonight (Pacific Time), but this is certainly subject to change as Cryptic works to install a fix for the issue and test it prior to implementation.

Important details that players have already asked have been addressed through Neverwinter‘s forums and their Twitter account.

Any items on the Neverwinter Auction House that are set to expire while the auction house is down will in fact expire. Cryptic apologies for this inconvenience but states that the countdown behavior cannot be changed.

Cryptic has also stated the “Currently we are not planning any additional rollbacks” but I’ll admit, the wording there doesn’t actually inspire hope and a quick glance through the forums shows that players may be taking a Neverwinter ”time out” just in case.

Since this story is still in a developing stage we will of course keep posting updates here when appropriate to keep you up to date on all Neverwinter Auction House issues and announcements.