Neverwinter’s Foundry to the Next Level

Neverwinter, the latest MMORPG from Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios, launched out of Open Beta this June 20th. While these additions could very well be in the works at the moment due to its early state, but there is no way of knowing yet.
Neverwinter Nights Screenshot
The Foundry is full of content and tools that can be used to create almost any type of quest for players, but why limit it to just those situations? With some tweaks and additions, the Foundry could become one of the best player authoring tools ever created, if it isn’t already. Consider the following three ideas to be suggestions, or even “wish-list items” of how I think they could really take the entire Foundry creation system to the next level.

PVP Maps
The Foundry currently allows players to craft their own custom quests, which includes everything from the objectives, dialogue, map layout, enemy encounters and so much more. Why does this have to remain reserved strictly for PvE content, though? Imagine how much more staying power Player-versus-Player would have if players could make their own maps!

It would virtually open the floodgates and allow players to create all kinds of maps. They could have a similar system in place that allows for selected maps to be “featured” at the tops of the lists and easier to find for players. The system would also free up resources for them to focus on more new content, since gamers themselves could handle new map creation. While players are typically not as creative or talented as the actual games developers, it would still allow guilds and other groups to make their own custom battlefields – which could never be a bad thing. This would by no means replace the need for updated maps, but it would at least provide even more variety to an already robust game.