Neverwinter to launch with alchemy profession

Neverwinter Alchemy

Neverwinter formally launches in just two days, but it appears as though the folks at Cryptic aren’t quite done adding features to the game. The company has just announced that an entirely new profession, alchemy, will go live at the same time as the game’s official launch. This brings the total number of professions in Neverwinter up to six.

Alchemy works in the way you might expect: You use resources gathered from the environment to make potions that enhance your abilities or restore your health. There are also unstable concoctions that provide random buff or debuff effects depending on your luck. Alchemists will be able to create dyes that can be used for color customization.

Alchemy joins endgame PvE and PvP dungeon Gauntlgrym as day-one new content for Neverwinter players. Neverwinter is set for officially official release on June 20th.