The end of (beta) days invasion is coming to Neverwinter

The end of beta days invasion is coming to Neverwinter

The “It’s only in beta” catchphrase is going to become obsolete for Neverwinter come June 20th. At that time, open beta will go quietly into the night as launch takes its place. Did we say quietly? We mean with the loud crashing sounds of Valindra’s army at its heels!

Starting today at 3:00 p.m. EDT, three phases of events will herald the coming of the official launch. Players will enjoy double the rewards of enchantments and runestones until the 17th in the first phase. In the second, lasting the 17th through the 20th, players will have to guardProtector’s Enclave from attack by Valindra’s army. More dangerous and deadly creatures then join the fray during the third phase running the 19th and concluding at 12:00 p.m. EDT on the 20th.

Successfully defending Neverwinter through the final two phases can net participants unique rewards, including scrolls, a companion, and more. For full details and exact times, check out the official announcement. Then prepare yourself for war.