Neverwinter Master List of Class Builds

Master List of Class Builds

A Hopefully Helpful Resource for Adventurers in Neverwinter

This post offers a list of links to class guides for Neverwinter, written by members of the community. The material is intended to provide information and personal approaches (as well as plenty of opinions!) shared by other players. This early in the game’s evolution, where theorycrafting is still in its infancy, no guide should be looked at as gospel or the One True Way. There are, in fact, many roads that lead to Castle Never.

If you have put together a class guide and would like to see it included in this post, please drop me a PM or leave a note in this thread. I’ll be happy to add it!

All credit goes to the kind players who have written up the guides! Thank you, experts!

Control Wizard

runicfi’s End Game Thaumaturge Build for PvE and PvP
sent8’s CW Icy Aoe build for Leveling
TheEmpire’s Control Wizard Renegade Build for PvP
harming18’s PvP Tips & Tricks for level 60 Wizards
copticone’s Thaumaturge build — Spec/Powers/Role
iMivo’s Renegade Wizard Build — Stats, Feats and Powers (currently outdated)

Devoted Cleric

Deistik’s Critical Cleric Build for PvE
unspecifiederror’s Regen Tank/Healer: Gear choices and build
Wintersmercy’s The Virtuous Cleric Guide (DPS)
Mewbrey’s Cleric Healing Build and Guide, with videos
Avnos’s PvPvE Spec – Damage mitigation based healing, with video
lim3yy’s PVP Cleric Discussion / Build / Theorycraft Thread
scozzers’ Healing Powers and Synergistic Feats (new!)
Sendrien’s The Minimum Wisdom Cleric (beta-based, included for the alternative approach)

Great Weapon Fighter

Thorin’s Mighty Axe -A GWF Guide
ExtinctioN style GWF – DPS Initiator Guide
Kartofflen’s GWF destroyer compendium
chainer88’s Stunlock/Burst DPS Guide for PvP (videos/stream)
forsakenlich1’s GWF DPS Build for PvE and PvP
Ironwill’s GWF PvE DPS Instigator Guide
mizery187’s Akfortyseven – PvE Build for the GWF

Guardian Fighter

Rokuthy’s Hybrid Tanking Build for End Game PvE Content & Skill Discussion
Envy’s DPS Guardian Fighter compendium for PvP
Venore’s Debuff Turtle Tanking Guide
Aegis’ Wrathful Defender Build, a tanking guide

Trickster Rogue

Luna’s TR Build Guide – Executioner’s Style
Platefaceii’s Trickster Rogue Executioner Build (for 60)
saythin’s Trickster Rogue Guide for PvP, with stream/video
Metzli’s PvE Dungeon DPS Guide for Trickster Rogues
tgnalfen’s Trickster Rogue Compendium
leonf25’s Scoundrel Rogue Build and Tactics Discussion
Banelorne’s Stealth-Based Executioner TR Build
x3lade’s “INT Rogue” Perma-Stealth Build, with videos

Useful links and other stuff

Neverwinter Calculator for planning your build
Neverwinter Powers / Feat Simulator
freehugs9’s Calculating stats and their effects
Ability Score Rolling — the possible starting stats
Complete List of Console Commands
Official Neverwinter Wiki