Neverwinter preview: Story class, race, PVP and more

Neverwinter Nights of all time one of the most successful RPG series. Dungeons and Dragons pen and paper-based games and set in the fantasy world of the Forgotten Realms, Neverwinter Nights got a MMORPG sequel.
Neverwinter talks new classes and more in latest State of the Game
Upcoming “Neverwinter title is a free to play MMORPG developed Cryptic Studios and published by the Perfect World Entertainment.

The game was originally scheduled for the end of 2011 release, but due to some external factors, such as Perfect World Entertainment Cryptic Studios was acquired in 2011, this year was postponed.

At that time, the game will not have an exact release date, but we expect that developers will be made ??within the next few months, an official statement. Neverwinter has passed three beta test run, and may soon be a beta.

Keep in mind that while the “Neverwinter has proven to be the fourth edition of Dungeons & Dragons rule-based system has been slightly modified to better fit with the MMORPG concept.

D & D die-hard fans may be disappointed with the fact that it does not provide pen and paper game of choice, because the same level, but Neverwinter purpose is as close as possible the D & D game.

According to developers, “Neverwinter closer to the popular MMORPG games such as World of Warcraft, Guild Wars franchise than others, such as Dragon Age and Elder Scrolls is a story-based MMO.

The main story of the evolution of the city around Neverwinter, also known as the “jewel of the North.” The game is supposed to release with RA Salvatore Gauntlgrym fantasy novel, this is the first one in the city of Neverwinter.

Salvatore’s first book in Nevewinter series began 24 years after the Spellplague, catastrophic events caused by all the magic kingdom to go out of control Drizzt, Bruno, Jarlaxle and Athrogate of the protagonist.
Is there not in the game’s story as the incident Neverwinter MMORPG 100 years after the Spellplague, but Salvatore continues to release new books in the city of Neverwinter, and eventually reaches the events in the game the facts better.

Although the “Neverwinter survived the disastrous impact Spellplague several major cities, the city was hit by another disaster, 25 years later.

Volcanic eruption destroyed the entire city of rain, put aside everything in its path and killing everyone there.

However, urban renewal, under the protection of deep-water main Neverember made ??appeals to all heroes to join rebuilding of the city.

Main Neverember hope that one day he would become the legitimate rulers of Neverwinter, although at that time has not come yet. The city was attacked from all sides orcs, undead and kobolds, but also from the inside, where a group of rebels trying to seize Nash power from the main Neverember loyal militia.

Now you come to purify these evil creatures and Neverwinter restored to their former glory. The third closed beta, “Neverwinter allows players to choose seven races: Orcs, humans, elves, half-elves, dwarves, halflings, tieflings. Eighth Chelsea game When the game starts may be introduced.

A total of only five, but more start before or after the game, will be added. So far, players can choose from a large weapons and soldiers to guard the soldiers, thieves liar, Control Wizard, pious priest. Each class can specifically model paths, each with its own advantages.

For the third beta, I have chosen Control Wizard, especially due to the fact that developers have decided to introduce PVP.

Given this fact, I have some previous experience with MMORPG games, I think, give me choice wizard PVP upper hand. It appears that I was right, or the other team does not have the same level of experience, and my team.

First of all, no matter what level your character is when you apply for a PVP game, its level will automatically increase to 19, 29, 39 and so on.

I do not know whether this rule will be kept in the final version of the game, but I’m sure it has been introduced in order to allow all players are eligible to participate in the beta at any level of the PVP event.