Delves into the Foundry

Neverwinter dev blog delves into the Foundry

Have you heard tell about this “Foundry” thingy-ma-bob in Neverwinter, but you’re not exactly sure what it is? Then Cryptic’s latest dev blog is for you! In it, Foundry producer Rob Overmeyer gives a heaping helping of the what, the why, and the how of the fantasy game’s player-made content generator.

Of course the Foundry is a tool for creating stuff. But more than that, Overmeyer emphasizes that “it’s a place where your stories come to life.” With extensive customization available in the map editors (both internal and external) and dialogue editors (for both people and objects), players can become immersive storytellers. For a look at what’s possible, check out Overmeyer’s overview. Then jump in game and test it out for yourself.