New dev blog details Neverwinter’s crafting

Is that Kira Carsen?

How would you feel about a Neverwinter professions blog? No, you’re not expected to write one, silly, but you can certainly read one if you’re interested in the game’s crafting mechanics.

In a nutshell, crafting involves hiring numerous NPC assets to complete crafting-related tasks. These NPCs include Leadership Mercs, Platesmithing Miners, Mailsmithing Prospectors, Leatherworking Skinners, and Tailoring Weavers. Over time, completing various tasks will award profession XP as well as resources and rewards.

Your NPC assets will work on your tasks while you’re out adventuring, and you can also “tinker with your professions on the Neverwinter Gateway website when you’re outside of the game client,” according to the diary. Learn more at the game’s official site.

Sounds like it’s just another SWTOR crafting clone.  Where the system is nothing more than a vending machine system with a timer delay attached to it.
The concept of actual Crafting involves a person actually getting involved and making things themselves.  By it’s very nature, crafting is supposed to be a “hands on” process.  This kind of system is not that.

Therefore, if you are doing nothing else but just ordering things from another person / npc / “vending machine” system, then you aren’t crafting.  You’re just buying them using one form of currency or another.

What’s the point of this system?  To appeal to those who don’t actually like crafting?  When are these devs going to realise that making a system for people who don’t actually like that kind of system, is a complete waste of time.

If that is the case, then how about those who don’t actually like crafting just,…you know….BUY the stuff they need from those who do?  After all, that’s what this system is basically trying to emulate:   obtaining items from npcs or from other players who got them from npc’s.

This isn’t a crafting system.  period.  This is a vending machine system with a delay timer, that is trying to emulate “third party” crafting.