Neverwinter Campaign System Coming With Fury

Neverwinter Campaign System Coming With Fury Of The Feywild

Neverwinter Campaign System Coming With Fury Of The Feywild
Cryptic Introducing Neverwinter Campaign System This Summer

With the announcement of the Fury of the Feywild module coming this summer, Neverwinter developers introduced a new zone and new adventures that will be coming to the game. Now they’ve revealed that a new Neverwinter Campaign System is in the works, adding more tasks and progression for players to work through.

The new Neverwinter Campaign System will have its own UI window where players can find tasks they must complete in order to unlock additional neighborhoods in the upcoming Sharandar adventrue zone, the new Malabog Castle dungeon delve, and new passive powers for their characters.

Many of the Neverwinter Campaign System tasks can be fulfilled by completing quests which can be repeated daily in Sharandar, and players can also complete solo instances, and the 5-man Malabog Castle instance to progress their campaign.

Malabog Castle will be unlocked for players to use through an early and fairly simple campaign task, while the solo instances can be accessed using one-time use keys that can be acquired either by doing the daily quests in Sharandar or by purchasing them in game with a new type of currency.

Along with the new Campaign System and new zone, Neverwinter is also bringing new rewards that players can earn in game.

T1 sets can be acquired in Sharandar through solo instances or purchase in the Sharandar zone store using the new zone currency. The Malabog Castle 5-man instance will feature new T2 rewards for players to acquire. The Fury of the Feywild will also introduce several unique weapons for each class. If there’s one thing Neverwinter could use right now it’s a little more variety, in both content and gear. It looks like we will be getting both this summer.

The Fury of the Feywild looks like it’s shaping up to be just what Neverwinter needs right now, and the new Campaign System sounds promising. Hopefully it won’t turn into a daily grind fest and will add a unique flair to the game.