Neverwinter’s Rothe Valley

Massively Exclusive Neverwinter's Rothe Valley

With Neverwinter’s open beta right around the corner, now is the time to get a good feel for this game world. Cryptic’s released a new video and screenshots on a new region called Rothe Valley. It’s a peaceful farming community that’s come under attack by evil Drow who have enslaved the people. The spider-queen Lolth is behind it all, and players who want to help out the farmers will be entering her dark domain for a counter-attack.

Get your first look at Rothe Valley in the gallery below and in the video after the jump.
Neverwinter: Rothe Valley

Wow, you are the short sighted idiot and the joke’s on you. It is clear by your comments that you have not even played the beta, so how my friend can you make blanket statements such as these? I played Rift for years and it takes a lot longer than 2 weeks to reach max level, well, unless you are purposefully flying through content and simply grinding your way up, but people who do that are people who don’t WANT to enjoy the content, but only reach max level as fast as they can, and if they do that, that is their choice. The game companies have no control over how people play their game. If they made the leveling curve wider so that it took a lot longer to reach max level, then the people who play the game normally, at normal speed, enjoying all parts of the game, would be complaining that it takes way too long to reach max level. So the game developers have to find a way to provide a happy medium between the two play styles. Maybe if you thought first before blabbing stupidity, you would have realized this. So go back to your GTA4 and stop winning in MMORPG threads.