Neverwinter founder early access begins today

Neverwinter founder early access begins today

If you’re a diehard Neverwinter fan (i.e., you threw down $200 for the Hero of the North founder’s pack), you’re probably sitting at home in your PJs, notebook full of character names in hand, ready to hit the Neverwinter open beta running. Or you might be at work/school wishing you played sick this morning.

Either way, Cryptic Studios’ and Perfect World Entertainment’s D&D-based MMO Neverwinter is celebrating a soft launch this morning as the open beta early access period will begin at 12 p.m. EDT (9 a.m. PDT). For those who purchased the Guardian of Neverwinter founder’s pack ($60 US), your early access begins at 12 p.m. EDT (9 a.m. PDT) on April 27.

Good luck to everyone and watch the open beta trailer after the jump below to get you pumped up!

[Update: We’ve altered this post to remove a bit about stressing over character name reservations since Neverwinter allows you to grab any character name you want under your global handle. Sorry for the confusion!]

I beta tested this and I liked the Physx or Havok(Not a technical nerd so not sure which one is more accurate) in the game. Not just combat moves but many in games environmental items move around if you bump into them. No where near the amount of items you see in a Bethesda game so its not really that impressive but at least it something somewhat new to MMOs.

Sadly, the current characters was pretty simplified and their are  no  Paladin or Necromancer so I wasn’t really interested in any of my characters. However, since the client is free and their are no subs I’ll most likely give it a shot on release.