Neverwinter content on display at Gamescom

New Neverwinter content on display at Gamescom

Perfect World is heading to Gamescom next week, and the company is bringing its highly anticipated Neverwinter MMO along for the ride.

A company press release promises “an exclusive first-look at unseen content with new features being revealed.” A public event set in the Black Dagger Ruins will be playable. The event, called Storming the Keep, requires players to join forces and reclaim a fortress that has been overrun by bandits.

Neverwinter was originally designed as a five-player dungeon crawl. Perfect World has since expanded the concept into a full-fledged free-to-play MMO based in Dungeons and Dragons’ Forgotten Realms campaign setting.

Perfect World is going to crush your hopes more than likely.  Their model for F2P is very bent towards pay2win and they are probably the absolute worst dev team when it comes to making tweaks to their game.  They would rather’ create something new to compel some people into purchases than make true attempts at making their game for the better.