Foundry functionality for Star Trek Online, Neverwinter

There’s a new Ask Cryptic in town, and this month’s Star Trek Online update finds producer Dan Stahl fielding a plethora of community questions that cover a wide range of topics.

While many of the questions (and answers) are straightforward one-liners, Stahl does go into a bit of detail about STO’s Foundry functionality. He mentions that the content creation tool will be getting a round of bug fixes as well as new map hookups (including Star Fleet Academy) for the library. Stahl also says that Cryptic’s Foundry team is currently hard at work on Neverwinter’s player-generated content toolset, and the fruits of its labor will eventually be seen in STO as well.

“One thing I continue to stress is adding the ability for more acting and blocking features so that players can create their own dramatic scenes,” Stahl explains. Head to the official STO website for the full text.

NWN had content modding tools in the old games. Is good to see
that they are adding this to the game as well.

I played around with the Foundry in STO, the learning curve is mild except for the heavily involved missions.
I’m looking forward to see what Cryptic does with this franchise.